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Testimonials from our clients using our criminal case management software
Los Angeles & San Bernardino, California

Los Angeles DUI Attorney, San Bernardino DUI Lawyer Neil Shouse"At first, we debated whether we really needed a practice management software.  After using eLawSoftware for six months, now we wonder how we ever got along without it."

Neil Shouse, Attorney at Law
Los Angeles, California

Arlington, Texas

"This software program has changed our practice!  We are able to spend more time actually practicing law and letting eLawSoftware take care of the rest.  We are able to monitor the court dockets more efficiently and overall the office runs more smoothly.  We love the way the docket prints out and we love the new feature of customizing our print outs.  Our collections have increased significantly since Elaw. It is all so simple!  My legal assistant has been in the business for 30 years and she was able to catch on without any help at all.  We have used other programs in the past and I along with my legal assistants’ agree that Elaw is 100% better than any other program out there!  There is NO OTHER software as user friendly as Elaw!"

Kara Carreras

San Antonio DWI Lawyer

"I have used a Mac© for nearly 20 years. A couple of months ago I found eLawSoftware at a seminar. Since then, I have abandoned a "homemade" database I had used to attempt to manage my practice and converted my entire law practice to a Windows system, just so I can use this program. eLawSoftware has completely changed they way I run my office, manage my docket and collect the money I've earned. With eLawSoftware, I have more time to spend with my family and my office runs much more efficiently. I no longer have to worry about the current status of my cases and I always know right where all the important information is."

John Fox
San Antonio DWI Lawyer

Dallas, Texas

"After reviewing half a dozen attorney software packages claiming to work with criminal law, eLawSoftware was the only one to meet my needs as a criminal attorney from the start. It far exceeded my expectations and has made our office more efficient, functional and profitable."

Bret Schmidit

San Antonio, Texas

"In today's competitive market, it's crucial for my firm to manage and communicate well with our clients. The criminal law program from eLawSoftware allows my firm to accomplish this daily."

Shawn Brown

San Antonio, Texas

"I am able to manage my docket efficiently and keep my overhead down with the criminal law software program from eLawSoftware."

Aldous Strauch


Dallas, Texas

"I needed a technology solution to help me keep track of my court-appointed and retained clients, the status of their cases, my court docket, billable hours and case expenses. I also needed an easy way to track client payments, generate correspondence to clients and motions to the courts in the various jurisdictions in which I practice. I’d used separate calendar and financial management programs, but there didn’t seem to be a complete solution out there for criminal defense attorneys that could help me manage all aspects of my practice until I found eLawSoftware's Criminal Law Software program."

Lalon "Clipper" Peale

Birmingham, Alabama

"I love this software. It is easy to use and being that I travel a lot, the ability to work online from anywhere allows me to be in touch with my office and look up information as easy as logging onto the internet. It can be very beneficial if clients call after hours and I can look up their case information, payment history, and office notes from home without carrying files home!

Thank you for the software! I Love It!"

Eric Guster

Dallas, Texas

"We absolutely LOVE the system. We can't imagine life without it. It has saved us millions (okay maybe thousands) of man hours. I'm not kidding either. It probably saves me at least 8 hours a week if not more. And we print the docket for our receiptionist so if client's call she can look at it and see what court they need to be in and what time -- because everyday we have at least two or three of them calling to find out what court they are in and what time they are supposed to be there -- even though they've been there many times before and always at 9:00 a.m. I don't know if you ever dealt with daily practice of criminal law, but those clients can wear you out with their questions.

Plus with four attorneys, they can easily see who else has settings and can ask someone to cover or cover something for someone else when they need to."

Denise Crandall
Legal Administrator
Criminal Section

Springdale, Arkansas

"Awesome program, awesome case management system, more than satisfied -- the support staff is wonderful!"

Cathy Norwood

San Antonio, Texas

"eLawSoftware is an excellent case management package and is backed up by solid people, the kind of people you want to help you run your practice. I have been able to integrate more employees into my growing law practice by having eLaw as a framework in which my employees work. The question about any business product is: Does this product help me deliver better services to more clients in a more efficient manner? The answer with eLaw is an emphatic, "Yes." At this point, I can't imagine running my practice without it."

Sam Lock

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Criminal Case Management
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Neil Shouse & Associates
"At first, we debated whether we really needed a practice management software. After using eLawSoftware for six months, now we wonder how we ever got along without it."

Neil Shouse
Attorney at Law
Los Angeles, CA

Finebloom & Haenel, PA
"Our firm experimented with two different case management programs before being introduced to eLawSoftware. Through the use of eLawSoftware we have an incredible ability to manage our caseload, collect our fees and calendar our court appearances. One of the best things about the software is that it can be accessed from any location with internet access. Every time I speak to criminal lawyers I am constantly plugging the powerful software. I can generate court notices in seconds while my competition has to cut and paste all of the information into their pleadings. Its truly a powerful and successful program that will allow you to spend time practicing law instead of worrying about administrative tasks."
David Haenel, Esq.
Finebloom, Haenel & Higgins
Sarasota, FL

Edge Law Firm, P.C.
Having owned and used 2 different case management software packages, I was hesitant to move my files online.  It would have been a major mistake to continue the ‘old fashioned way.’

eLawSoftware has allowed me more time to practice law, allowed me to practice more efficiently and has made my practice more profitable. I have worldwide, 24/7 access to my client information, calendar and billing. This allows to me to efficiently and quickly respond to any situation. It also allows targeted billing at the push of a button which had reduced my receivables by 80%.

The staff at eLawSoftware is most pleasant and responsive and has made several personalized changes as soon as requested. Additionally you can incorporate as many personalized letters into your file as you desire. Do yourself a favor and let them walk you through a live online demonstration. You will see how your software can make money for you rather than being an expense.

Bruce Edge
Board Certified in DUI Defense under ABA Guidelines
Tulsa, OK

Norwood & Norwood, LLP
"Awesome program, awesome case management system, more than satisfied -- the support staff is wonderful!"

Cathy Norwood
Attorney at Law
Springdale, AR

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