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Criminal case management software for the criminal attorney

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eLawSoftware has made an unsurpassed commitment to the research and development of cutting-edge criminal case management software. Calling on our in-depth knowledge of criminal law, technology, and industry trends we bring you the best in criminal law software management, and DWI / DUI Web Marketing.  eLawSoftware does not charge any additional money for support calls or  upgrades.  While some other programs will charge you a "per call" fee, eLawSoftware's low monthly price is all inclusive.  eLawSoftware is a criminal case management program that allows the criminal defense attorney to modify the program to his individual needs.

DWI/DUI Attorney advertising is available on DWI.com and DUI.com for DWI Lawyers and DUI Attorneys in exclusive markets.

 Criminal Attorney - Legal Case Management Software

Criminal case management software  

eLawSoftware is a web-based criminal law software program developed specifically for the Criminal Defense Lawyer. Features include: 

  • Track Your Client's Payment Plans, Retainer Fees
  • Manage Your Client Information
  • Easily create motions, letters, court dockets with client photos
  • Phone Messaging, Integrated office & court calendars
  • Plus more......

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Attorney Website Marketing for Criminal Defense Attorneys
eLawSoftware also provides DWI / DUI attorney marketing with exclusive advertising on DUI.com & DWI.com for criminal defense lawyers. Through our state-of-the-art, high-speed network, attorneys can have a compelling presence on the internet, leaving the details to us. Your firm's web marketing will reside on one of our eLawSoftware web servers, monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Features include:

  • DWI Attorney advertising on DWI.com in exclusive territories
  • DUI Lawyer advertising on DUI.com in exclusive territories
  • DUI / DWI Attorney Web Marketing
  • Be notified on your cell phone when a potential new client requests information from your website
  • Add video or audio to your website to bring a stronger call to action to your prospects as well as to separate you from your competitions site
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Real Time Tracking Reports
  • We install safe guards on our websites to help combat Click Fraud for our customers

   DUI / DWI Web Marketing

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Criminal case management software for the criminal attorney

eLawSoftware is a web-based criminal law software program developed specifically for the Criminal Defense Lawyer. With our criminal law software you can set up payment plans, flat fees, trust accounts or bill by the hour. eLawSoftware also has an integrated office and court calendar, making it easier to manage your day. There are several other features such as motions, attachments, alarms, phone messaging and built in letters and receipts to help get your criminal law office organized. Essentially, eLawSoftware gives you an all-inclusive client file at your fingertips. Additionally, eLawSoftware is an affordable solution for the everyday problems that face the criminal defense practice. Visit our References page for a list of law firms using our eLawSoftware.

Track Your Client's Payment Plans, Retainer Fees

Set up payment plans and immediately know when your clients are past due. Set up retainer fees and easily bill against them.
Generate professional collection letters and invoices. Track billable hours and case expenses.

Manage Your Client Information

Microsoft Word™ Integration View all correspondence at a glance
Custom Field Support.
Generate Motions
Automatically generate payment receipts
All-inclusive client files Add attachments, write notes and monitor payments
. . .

Letter and Document Generator

Motions Financial Reports
Form Letters Microsoft Word™ Letters, Forms & Motions
Court Dockets with Client Photos . .
. . .


Message Center, Calendering, and Tracking Reports 

CopTracker™ - Link all officers involved to your client's cases Pop-Up Alarms / Reminders / Ticklers and Alerts
Phone Messages
Track bonds
Integrated office & court calendars . .
. . .


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Criminal Case Management
DUI.com & DWI.com

Neil Shouse & Associates
"At first, we debated whether we really needed a practice management software. After using eLawSoftware for six months, now we wonder how we ever got along without it."

Neil Shouse
Attorney at Law
Los Angeles, CA

Finebloom & Haenel, PA
"Our firm experimented with two different case management programs before being introduced to eLawSoftware. Through the use of eLawSoftware we have an incredible ability to manage our caseload, collect our fees and calendar our court appearances. One of the best things about the software is that it can be accessed from any location with internet access. Every time I speak to criminal lawyers I am constantly plugging the powerful software. I can generate court notices in seconds while my competition has to cut and paste all of the information into their pleadings. Its truly a powerful and successful program that will allow you to spend time practicing law instead of worrying about administrative tasks."
David Haenel, Esq.
Finebloom, Haenel & Higgins
Sarasota, FL

Edge Law Firm, P.C.
Having owned and used 2 different case management software packages, I was hesitant to move my files online.  It would have been a major mistake to continue the ‘old fashioned way.’

eLawSoftware has allowed me more time to practice law, allowed me to practice more efficiently and has made my practice more profitable. I have worldwide, 24/7 access to my client information, calendar and billing. This allows to me to efficiently and quickly respond to any situation. It also allows targeted billing at the push of a button which had reduced my receivables by 80%.

The staff at eLawSoftware is most pleasant and responsive and has made several personalized changes as soon as requested. Additionally you can incorporate as many personalized letters into your file as you desire. Do yourself a favor and let them walk you through a live online demonstration. You will see how your software can make money for you rather than being an expense.

Bruce Edge
Board Certified in DUI Defense under ABA Guidelines
Tulsa, OK

Norwood & Norwood, LLP
"Awesome program, awesome case management system, more than satisfied -- the support staff is wonderful!"

Cathy Norwood
Attorney at Law
Springdale, AR

eLawSoftware, Ltd.
P.O. Box 684666
Austin, Texas 78768
1.512.340.4001 Office
1.512.681.9714 Fax

Criminal Case Management Software Designed for Criminal Defense Lawyers

JUNE 2007
eLawSoftware releases version 7.3v.
Release 7.3v is Microsoft Windows Vista compatible for printing. Also, the ability to create a Court Task or Appointment from the Home Page under the Create button has been added.
APRIL 2007
eLawSoftware announces it's acquisition of DUI.COM.
DUI.com will continute to serve as a source of a national attorney directory of DUI lawyers in exclusive markets, a resourceful DUI Library as a source for alcohol counseling and drunk driving education. DUI.com will offer a substantial benefit to both DUI attorneys and the general public through it's direct navigation.
MAY 2006
eLawSoftware announces it's acquisition of DWI.COM.
DWI.com will serve as a specialized national directory of select DWI attorneys organized by exclusive markets. Additionally, eLawSoftware will be developing DWI.com to serve as an unparalleled public resource for information on drunk driving education. Furthermore, will offer substantial benefit to both DWI lawyers and the public through the ability to aggregate Direct Navigation traffic.
eLawSoftware will be an exhibitor and sponsor of the NACDL'S 9TH ANNUAL DUI SEMINAR in Las Vegas, Nevada at Caesar's Palace Sept. 28 - Oct. 1 2005.
eLawSoftware has been invited to demonstrate our software at the 13TH ANNUAL TRAFFIC LAW UPDATE SEMINAR by the Municipal Justice Bar Associtation of Texas August 20th in Arlington, Texas.